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Bowties are a tricky thing: a classic men’s accessory that can give off a silly or out-of-style vibe if you’re not careful. Luckily, it’s not hard to wear a bowtie right, and when you do, you’ll discover that people appreciate it.

How to choose the best Bow tie?

The bowtie may be associated with sophisticated, intellectuals, and creative types today, their origins are very different.

In the 17th century, Croatian soldiers wore a thin scarf around their shirt collar. Ever true to their sense of fashion, the French picked up on this style, which looked really cool to them. Soon, upper-class Frenchmen were wearing cravats, which evolved into the modern-day necktie and bowtie.

Today, most men wear bowties only for formal occasions – and when it comes to those, you often don’t need to think too much about how to accessorize your bowtie with the rest of what you’re wearing; if you’re going to a black tie or white tie event, the answer is right there. But if you want to wear a bowtie with something other than a tux, here’s how to do it:


Let your bow tie to have exceptional colors

So, for example, let’s say you’re wearing a light blue wool suit. You could choose a patterned bowtie, with one of the colors in the pattern either being blue or a complimentary color (yellow) , or a solid bowtie in a color that works with blue (try red, for example – or even a very slightly different shade of blue). For a nice dose of subtlety with your eye-catching accessory, try wearing a shirt (button-down, of course) that’s the same color as the bowtie or as one of the colors in its pattern.

That’s the whole idea with colorful men’s accessories: you don’t necessarily want to match them color-for-color (with some exceptions, like the ones mentioned in the last two paragraphs).

Color Matching Your Bowtie — How To Do It Right?

Think of them as a way for you to play with color. So if you want to take the look farther, for example, you could add a pocket square that’s either solid or patterned — whichever your bowtie is not (although there are some extremely bold pattern-mixing gentlemen out there who prove this isn’t a rule that’s set in stone). Your socks should either be the same color as your trousers to blend in  or else pick up on a color from your bowtie and/or pocket square (pick the one you most want to stand out). Most importantly, though, don’t push yourself too far; you have to feel comfortable with what you’re wearing, of course. Confidence is essential accessory of all.

One thing that is a must when wearing a bowtie is the type of shirt you pick. If you want to look sophisticated and properly put-together, always wear a button-down shirt. This will have a wing or wingtip collar for a very formal occasion (i.e. when you’re wearing a tux). Otherwise, a standard collar (the one you’ll find for sale in most places that sell men’s shirts) or a button-down collar are other typical choices that allow the bowtie to stand out and shine.

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Tips on how to match a bow tie with a suit

1. You can wear colorful bow tie along with jeans and shirt. Color green, red, or pink are the right choices for your crisp white shirt.
2. Bright or motley bow tie is good to match in a light solid color dark suit and shirt.
3. Finely or one colored pattern of bow ties are the finest match for the suits that comes with plaid or striped fabrics.
4. Solid bow ties that contain plain shades suit in a checkered or striped shirt and multi-colored suit.
5. Wool solid bow ties that are boldly worn are the best with plain shirts.

Ways to tie a bow tie

Neckstrap: Most pre-tied bow ties come with a neckstrap that you wrap around your neck inside your collar and then fasten with a hook at the back of the bow tie. The neckstrap will usually have a metal sliding adjuster to enable you to change the length of the strap to fit your neck. In some case this slider will be visible on the strap, so if you're wearing a wing collar shirt for example where the collar isn't folded down. Others have the slide adjuster hidden under the fabric of the neckstrap so it's not visible, so look out for this in the description if that's what you need. In most cases though, it's hidden by your collar anyway, so it's not as important then.

Hook & Clasp Fastening: This is the most common fastening method, and simply involves a hook at one end of the neckstrap and a clasp at the other. When you put your bow tie on, you fit the hook into the clasp and the adjust the size slider to fit your neck.

Ladder Fastening: The ladder fastening also has a hook but instead of a fixed clasp at the end of the neckstrap, the neckstrap has a number of small slits in it which represent varying neck sizes. You simply hook into one of the slits until the bow fits around your neck comfortably.

Self-Tie Adjustments: Self-tie bow ties work slightly differently as you're tying them yourself, but the length of the whole bow will need to be adjusted to your neck size before you start tying it. This may be either the slide adjuster or ladder adjustment described above.

Clip-on: Although a clip-on bow tie is pre-tied, it doesn't need a neckstrap as the back of the bow has a small clip which you clip onto the top button of your shirt.


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